Lakesha Burton is a woman of courage, conviction and character. Her courage comes from her deep faith in God; her conviction is reflected in her determination to consistently do the right thing; and her character has been built by a lifetime of facing insurmountable challenges and overcoming them.

A Jacksonville native and a lifetime member of Hopewell Church, Burton is married to retired JSO assistant chief Gregory Burton with whom she shares a beautifully blended family of five children and five grandchildren.

Her heart is in helping others in need, especially children, which is the basis for establishing Tesha’s Hands, a 501(C)3 nonprofit she created in memory of her twin sister who died after a life of struggling with Cerebral Palsy. Lakesha has used her powerful voice to advocate for good on local, national and international platforms.

4411 Sunbeam Road, Unit #23130, Jacksonville, FL 32257 | 904.521.1606 |
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